Facing south, the pool will allow you to admire breathtaking and unique views of the Andalusian countryside.

In this peaceful, harmonious and calme setting, you can enjoy this relaxing time to enjoy a refreshment in one of these hidden spots, read a good book or simply gaze at the horizon and the beautiful location in the middle of rosemary, laurel roses, jasmines and roses.





Vines, bougainvillea, jasmine climb the white facades. The perfume of flowers mix with those of the olive trees, fig trees and palm trees. Huge terracotta jars lined shaded driveway for strolling and meditation. You are in the south of Spain, in an emblematic garden of Andalusian civilization.

Local fruit trees cohabit with roses, rosemary, oleander …






Rich in history this authentic chapel will allow for some a moment of spirituality.